Make the Most of Your Time in Houston

Now that I’m in the middle of my sixth decade of traveling around the sun, Time is acquiring a significantly different value.  I remember “killing time” and “wasting time” and “passing time” in my youth, with procrastination and short-cuts as daily practices.  Both in the abstract and the concrete I’ve always had an interest in time beginning with my studies in philosophy and work in broadcasting: the first considering such concerns as infinite time or organic as opposed to mechanical time and the other trying to use every second possible to transmit a quality message to a mass audience. But, today, with more of my allotted personal time on Earth behind instead of ahead of me, I am much more sensitive to its precious value, some even saying sacred value. Which brings me to the point of this post and its juncture with business:  Why do many managers and business owners–regardless of gender, race or age–not make the absolute most of their time?  I wish I had a nickel every time a stakeholder told me they just didn’t have the time to think about strategy or even to optimize their business day.  I’d be a rich man swimming in the crystal blue waters of the San Blas Islands of Panama right now.  Like the Beatles, I have thought long and hard about “Dear Prudence”, and I’ve lived long enough now to use what time I have–everyday–wisely.

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