I know Houston very well: Forty plus years driving its streets, setting qualified appointments with business decision-makers, participating in its many and varied institutions.

Please contact me to assist in making your business visit to Houston as free of stress and as productive as possible. You can reach me at info@donmoser.com or 281.468.2805.  Make the most of your precious time here in Houston!

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  1. You MUST get to your business appointments on time and in a great frame of mind
  2. You need to meet with the best qualified potential buyers of your company’s products
  3. You want services in an unfamiliar city that you can totally rely on for value – period.


Our services range from acting as your guide while here in Houston on business to  setting qualified appointments with local potential buyers of your product or service to follow-up after the sale has been made.  If you are international, just let us know what you need help with here in Houston.



Don Moser

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